U.S. Embassy, Consulate in Nigeria remain open during U.S. government shutdown

The U.S. Embassy in Abuja and the Consulate General in Lagos will remain open during the U.S. government shutdown the US embassy in Abuja has said. In a statement issued by the Embassy a copy of which Businessnewsreport obtained, the embassy said that this includes the Consular Sections.  It said that earlier reports to the contrary were incorrect.  According to the embassy “American Centers and EducationUSA offices operating on embassy and consulate grounds that are managed by Mission Public Affairs Sections will remain closed throughout the shutdown.  American Spaces, such as American Corners operated by partner institutions and located off embassy or consulate grounds, however, will remain open”.

Earlier report in some media not Businessnewsreport had said “The US embassy in Nigeria has announced a closure of its Lagos and Abuja offices due to the ongoing government shutdown in its country. The closure will affect thousands seeking to apply for, or renew their visas, as their appointments would have to be rescheduled. In a post on its official Facebook page, the embassy said both offices would be re-opened once the shutdown is resolved. “Due to the current U.S. government shutdown, the American Centers located in the Embassy, Abuja and Consulate General, Lagos are unfortunately closed,” the post read. “They will re-open once the U.S. government shutdown is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience to our valued patrons.”

In US politics, a government shutdown occurs when congress fails to appropriate funds for the following fiscal year. It could also occur when the president refuses to sign legislation for the funding of federal government operations and agencies The shutdown, the third in the US this year, began on the midnight of December 21. The government had partially shut down after the White House and congress reached a deadlock on budget funding deal of five billion dollars for the construction of a wall along the US- Mexico border. Mick Mulvaney, incoming chief of staff of President Donald Trump, said the shutdown may continue till congress convenes on January 3. “It’s very possible that this shutdown will go beyond the 28th and into the new Congress,” Mulvaney had told ABC.

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